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These magic moments

Tokyo Japan April 2014

17/80 Tokyo

Oh my GOD! This is amazing! Thank you Hubertus and TPS so much! A great honor to be in the same collection with such great photographers. This all “Around the World in 80 pics” is a fantastic journey. Love the idea madly.  Happy weekend to everyone! 

Spring is re[a]dy 

lomo experiences 2012

Hollywood US 2013

Walk of fame

LA US 2013

Nothing’s forever

Japan 2014



Tokyo Japan 2013

"The most depressive place on Earth"

Aberdeen, WA, US 2013

Home alone II

Japan March 2014

Sunny LA II

US 2013

For a wonderful photographer and friend photorapist, who just loves flowers hihihi :)

April 10 is said to be “Nirvana Day,” no idea why…

Under the bridge of Wishkah, Aberdeen, US 2013


Lake Washington, Seattle US 2013

Thank you biutiful pics and seattle-wa

Feelings and their absence